The Code of Conduct

Welcome to the #Gentoo-Chat channel, hosted on

As this channel is under the Gentoo Chan mask its an 'Official Gentoo Channel', we are required to follow not only their rules, but the specific rules of #Gentoo-Chat.
This is a family channel so we have peoples of all ages, races, colors and creeds here. Therefore, please respect the behavior policy below.

  1. Users must not use bad language that may be offensive to others, minor words used in a descriptive way against an object are permissible but not against a chan user. Fuck, shit, cunt & bastard are never to be used as are their translated versions in other languages.
  2. Users must not attack others' views – be they religious or political. Everyone has their own right to follow what they believe to be their own path in life.
  3. Ops are a governor of the chan, their word is final so adhere right away. If you have an opinion which is different – seek an op's ear in gentoo-chat-ops.
  4. Trolling in –chat is allowed, but you better have talent or your poor attempt will be rewarded with channel removal.
  5. We are a Gentoo related chan and follow the CoC – best read the Gentoo CoC too.
  6. Bans are temporary unless you have been told otherwise, you can see comments on your ban here: link to banlist. Moaning will not help your case, but feel free to ask about in in gentoo-chat-ops with the ban setter.
  7. Ops don’t unban other ops bans unless bans are past their expiry date/time.
  8. Evading will get you a permaban – evade at your own risk, evaders are listed and passed on to freenode who may Kline the offender.
  9. Gentoo-chat was created by Edit to give like-minded gentooers a safe place to talk and discuss near on anything. Topic states updated conduct, please make sure you read it regularly and adhere to it.
  10. ASCII art is not to be used in –chat. Some users have minimal scroll back and/or displayed lines, please do not send ASCII art to chan.
  11. Blogging - -chat is not a blogspot. Do not use CR (carriage return/ enter) as punctuation.
  12. –chat is not a support chan – feel free to ask but do not pester – if you are willing to give help it's etiquette to carry on in a pm or other space.
  13. Bad luck rule omitted.
  14. The channel is not a podium for promoting your political agenda or recruiting followers for your cult - don't use it as such